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Top Solar Pond Fountains Reviewed At Great Prices

 Featured Here Are 6 Great Solar Pond Fountain Reviews For Your Enjoyment That Wont Break The Bank. A lot of people love the view of a home with beautiful pond fountains. These additions to the landscape add a natural and peaceful feeling to the environment and allow owners to have a relaxing moment after a busy workday. When people decide to add a beautiful pond fountain to their property, their thoughts generally focus more on where to locate their fountain and which contractor to use.

These are important considerations, but one of the most important things that many people forget to consider is what will power their new magnificent fountain. A great way to reduce the load on the environment, while saving money, is to install solar pond fountain instead of those that draw energy from the local electric grid.


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A solar fountain might be the best choice for your pond. It converts energy from the sun, which is free for everyone, into a clean source of electricity. They are inexpensive and really easy to use, just open it and put it in the water. You don’t need to run cords or find outdoor outlets to your pond.

Actually, most of them don’t come with cords, because the solar panels, pumps, and electrical components are combined into one unit. Choosing the best solar pond fountain can be a bit difficult decision to make. To help you make a better choice. We have researched the market and come up with the best solar pond fountains. So, take a look at our best picks to find the perfect one for you. Click on any image for more details.

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Viajero 2.5W Solar Fountain Review

This is a 2.5W solar fountain that is perfect for your pond, it’s also one of the best solar fountains on the market. Viajero comes with a backup battery. This is a very nice looking pump and it works well for its intended purpose. It can also work even in the absence of strong sunlight, unlike other pumps that would instantly shut down when there is no sunlight or something covers part of the panel.

One good thing about this fountain is its safety shutdown feature. Clogging is well known as one of the frequent causes of breakdown for a water pump. Sometimes you can take out the clogs, at times you can’t, which causes the pump to suck it in and eventually destroy the pump. With this fountain, you will easily know that something is wrong as the pump stops working. It comes with different types of spray nozzle and is easy to set up the spray head according to your ideal. The following are other great features that make this pond fountain one of the most sorts after in the market.

  • 2.5W solar panel
  • It comes with different Spray nozzles
  •  It works even when there is an absence of strong sunlight
  • It comes with a battery backup
  • It is economical

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AISITIN 5W Solar Fountain Review

This is a perfect addition to your pond or garden, it is inexpensive and very easy to use. This fountain is user’s favorite; this is because it works very well for its compact size. The pump housing is only about 1 square inch, and it works well even in very shallow water. No need to look for outdoor outlets or to run cords to the pond. This is because the solar panels, pumps, and electrical components are combined into one unit. This pump is easy to install, only works when you plug it in and continues working in cloudy weather. It’s a great product for a great price and you will like it if you don’t like mosquitoes breeding in your pond.

This fountain is very durable, it is simply a smaller version of the usual solar panels, complete with an aluminum frame and tempered glass. AISITIN solar fountain is designed for enduring, hard use in the elements. And you will enjoy years of beautiful green energy. The following are what make this fountain standout from the rest.

  • It has six different nozzles, to help customize the water spray
  • One good feature about this unit is that it has an automatic shutdown function, to protect users in case the pump runs out of water.
  • It has great customer reviews and is the perfect unit for someone looking for a solar fountain with a spare battery.

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RoadTec Solar fountain review

RoadTec is one of the best solar fountain pumps because it comes with great features. It is multipurpose in nature and you can install it very easily. You can use this with different kinds of ponds. The pump is a submersible and will start to work within 3 seconds after installation.

This solar powered pump fountain is automatic, works with the suns solar energy, does not need additional energy, saves energy, and is environmentally friendly. It has more than 20,000 hours of useful life. It comes with a built-in brush-less motor that provides longer life and lower power consumption.

It has suitable accessories and four kinds of sprinkler heads for different water heights and water flows. The following are some other features of the solar pond fountain.

  • It comes with four sprinkler heads
  • It is versatile in nature
  • It can last a long time up to about 20,000 hours
  • It consumes less energy
  • It is submersible
  •  Low power up to 1.8 watts
  • The maximum capacity is 53 gph
  • Provides you with 4 types of spray patterns
  • Cord length is approximately 12 feet
  •  The maximum height is 27.6 inches.

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LATITOP Solar Fountain Review

This new upgrade fountain is created with a 300mAh long-lasting battery and powerful 2.4W solar panel; it can simultaneously store energy when the solar power fountain pump is working under full sunlight. And you are sure of continuous operation of the fountain even when the sun is covered by the cloud.

The fountain comes with 4 kinds of sprinkler heads for different water heights and water flows and to avoid water splashing from the container easily. During sunny summer days, you can experience weak flow in early morning and evening, and a strong flow during noon and afternoon. Latitop solar fountain comes with fitting accessories that allow you to customize the water stream and height of the water. The following are a few things we love about this fountain.

      • Despite the pump small size, it can provide up to 27.6 inches of the water height, depending on the sprinkler and the weather.
      • It comes with a detachable solar panel, and the pump can easily work in a shady area.
      • The pump is easy to clean and the only part that needs maintenance is the pump filter.
      • It comes with fitting accessories and four sprinkler heads that let you customize the water outlet.

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Solatec solar fountain review`

This fountain comes with four different heads. It is a highly efficient solar fountain. It is completely powered by solar energy, does not require electricity or battery. It is an ecological friendly solar fountain that helps you save money.

Solatec Solar fountain works great in a small pond, it’s easy to put anywhere you want and it works automatically when the panel gets enough sunlight. This eco-friendly fountain is powered by a 1.4-watt solar panel. Also, because it basically floats in the water and it can be moved according to your needs.

Let your yard be decorated with this solar pond fountain pump and your garden will definitely attract the full attention of passersby. The pump has multiple applications and works best when completely submerged in water. The following are some other great features of this solar pond fountain.

      • 1.4 watts of power
      • It is Submersible type
      •  There are four kinds of spray patterns
      • The maximum height is 20 inches
      • You can use it for small pond features because it is best for that
      • It is small and easy to use
      •  Installation is very easy.

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Cosscci Solar Fountain Review

This fountain is smaller than other solar fountains.  The solar panels produce only 1.4W and do not come with battery; it only works when the sun is out. This helps keep the cost down, the only drawback is that, if there is no sun, you don’t have a working fountain. If you want a smaller solar fountain without a battery, this will be the best choice.

If you are looking for a cheap solar fountain pump, this is one of the cheapest in the market. The entire unit is 7 inches wide and weighs only 5.6 ounces, about 1/3 pounds. This fountain can spray water between 10 and 15 inches and come with three different heads for different spray patterns. Your pond needs about 2 inches of water for the fountain to work properly, so if the water depth is the problem, take a look at this fountain, which only requires one inch of water to operate. The following are what make this fountain one of the best solar pond fountains.

      •  It works automatically with solar energy, without the need for a battery or electricity. It is easy to move to different places to use.
      • This is a perfect fountain for a fish tank, small pond, and circulation of water for oxygen.
      • It will automatically start in 3 seconds once it has been exposed to sufficient sunlight.
      •  It has more than 10,000 hours of useful life
      • It comes with a built-in brushless motor that provides longer service life and lower power consumption.

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Solar pond pumps embellish your garden or natural landscape like any other electric run fountain. They are becoming increasingly popular these days. Many people are investing in the solar pond fountain. Over the years, we have received many calls and emails about these fountains. A lot of people do not know which one is better or how it works. So we have decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about solar fountains.

Q: How long will my solar pond fountain last?

A: These fountains can last for some years depending on many factors. How long it actually lasts depends on factors such as, the maintenance of the pump. If the pump is cleaned regularly and used correctly, the pump can last for years. And it is important to note that any panel that is exposed to direct sunlight will have a shorter lifespan than the one in less sunny weather.

Q: Where should I place my fountain?

A: You can put your fountain anywhere in outside space as you like, such as in your garden, as part of your landscape, or in your backyard. You can place it anywhere that will allow you to put the solar panel in direct sunlight. You can even put the fountain in the shade as long as the panel is in direct sunlight. The length of your cord also determines how far you can place it.

Q: What is included with solar fountains?

A: All solar fountains come with a solar panel, a solar fountain pump, and a cord to connect the solar panel to the solar pump. Most of these fountains come with solar-powered LED lights.

Q: How do I switch my fountain from battery mode to solar mode?

A: Different units work differently, however, in most cases there is a button that switches from solar to the battery. Some units can even switch automatically from solar mode to battery mode when direct sunlight is not available to power the fountain. For further instructions you can check your manual or contact the manufacturer for an assistant.

Q: How do I make my LED lights work?

A: Solar fountains that come with batteries have a solar panel with a plug-in for the LED light cord. This cord is usually as long as it can connect the panels to the solar pump. All you need to do to connect the lights is to plug them into the solar panel and place the lights in the fountain. Note that the solar fountain lights will come on only when there is enough battery.           

Q: How can I keep the fountain clean and free of algae?

A: There are some products on the market to help keep the fountain clean and free from algae. They are simple water additives that prevent algae from building up in your pond fountain. If you are looking for reliable cleaners for your fountain, check Amazon for your choice of fountain cleaning and care products.

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